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The major continent of this world is shaped roughly like an inverted tear drop. The human cultures grew in the northwest. The north east was the home of various goblinoid species. The two cultures were always at war with each other. The southern third of the continent was largely inaccessable to humans, because it was seperated from human culture by a broad dry prarie and dessert. The sea coast of human lands is uninviting. For most of its length it is broken by hills, fiords and islands.

This is a world in which wizardry works. At a time when human civilization was reaching from bronze age to iron age, humans discovered the ability to manipulate supernatural forces. This had several major impacts on human developement. For one thing, wizardry was almost always a plaything of the nobility. Like the early academics of the European rennaisance, the time and effort to study magic required funding, which usually meant patronage. The connection between the noble class and the study of wizardry kept any single ruler from building a great empire. Any noble with a wizard had the iron age equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction. For another thing, the existance of wizards delayed the developement of technology. It was simply too hard to imagine that anyone with the tools could do what nobles could do with wizards. The iron age lasted for many thousands of years.

The furs were created by wizards, who somehow mixed human and animal charactoristics. It was always intended that furs were to be slaves. Something more than the beasts humans had already domesticated, but something less than really human. Being the nerds of thier time, wizards certainly had sex in mind when they created these creatures. The animals trunk, including the arms, hands and sexual traits were mostly human. The animals head, face and feet were distinctly inhuman. Certain traits of the furs of this world are noteworthy. A child born of a fur mother willalways take the form of the mother, without regard for the species of the father; a fur male cannot make a human female pregnant; and a rabbit mother will always have only girl babies. Furs cannot perform wizardry.

The history of fur slavery is a rocky one. Every kingdom, principality and duchy seemed to have different laws dealing with slavery. There have been efforts at abolition, but most were short lived. There have also been movements to eradicate the furs themselves; a violent permanent solution. Freedmen always existed, but in some times and places they were illegal and in others they were encouraged.

The Curse of the Spider Queen

This story is one part Conan Doyle, and one part Rider Haggard.
It is one part Furry, and one part Gas Lamp Fantasy.
The major charactors are Samantha Watson, and Francine Doyle.
Watson is a nurse, and her parents were soldiers.
At the beginning of the story she is just returning from service overseas.
Doyle is an artisan. She builds small devices on contract.
She has inherited a home from her father, and takes Watson in as a lodger.

These stories are intended for a general audience. In cinema terms they would be rated "PG." The content of these stories is comparable to what could be found on television.

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