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Who am I?

er - - -

You don't really want to know about me, do you?

Okay, okay.

Let's see - - - I'm a white male adult over fifty years of age. I live in Vancouver Washington with the woman I've been married to for over thirty years. My children are all grown and gone. They're good people; I like them.

I like science fiction and fantasy. I prefer pen and paper gaming to digital because I like interacting with the people around the table. My favorite PC games are the Total War Series. I like John Ford's movies, Jack Kirby's art, and Will Eisener's story telling. My favorite comic charactors are Nick Fury and Steve Rogers, but I think they have been poorly handled by the writers over the last ten or fifteen years. Oh, and Sue Richards. I like web comics and I think they are demonstrating originality and innovation that the big comic publishers and newspaper syndicators have largely lost. Freefall and Questionable Content are at the top of my bookmark list. I do not have a fursona.

I usually go to ORYCON, Stumptown Comic Fest , and Game Storm . I try to get to Emerald City Comic Con , and NorWesCon .

You may contact me by e-mailing to: trapdoor@newsguy.com