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This is not a fanfic.

By the summer of 2010, I had seen enough hints about the 2011 release of Captain America The First Avenger that I began to develope an opinion of it. An opinion which was, and is, not entirely favorable. Oh, I saw the film when it showed in my local theater. And I enjoyed the film. But . . .

The director stated that he did not want to make a "flag waving picture." Instead he would emphasize "international cooperation." Now, wait a minute! Captain America as a charactor embodies patriotic feelings about the American ideal. And the story takes place at a time in our nations history when patriotism was a dominant social force. Yet the director chose deliberately to leave patriotism out of the film. Why? Was patriotism somehow deemed not politically correct in the Hollywood entertainment industry? Or was it purely a matter of marketing?

I wanted to see a film that explored why 1940 society was what Tom Brokaw called "The Greatest Generation." I wanted to see a film that contrasted Hitler's National Socialist ideals of fascism, racism and elitism with the American ideals of democracy and pluralism. I also wanted a film that left open the option of doing more films of Cap during the war years.

Now, I could write essays and editorials about the film and my concerns. But, I doubt anybody would notice. However, in the summer of 2010 I had developed my own concept of how the film might be made. By the time the movie opened in 2011, I had about two thirds of my story penciled, and this web site was already running the opening sequences of my version. The copywrite laws of the United States include a "fair use" provision which allows a charactor to be presented in critique or parody without violating copywrite. I suspect I am stretching the intent of the law a bit.

This is not a fan fic. This is a critique by example in story board format.

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