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December 1, 2012.


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WC8RC Help

Thank you for purchasing WC8RC, a remote control app for the WebControl-8 multi-I/O board by CAI Networks, Inc.

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WC8RC only works on the PLC version of the WebControl-8 firmware!

From the main screen, you can:

WC8RC can remotely control multiple WebControl-8 devices. Just touch the device name (the title of the top bar on the main screen), and you will be taken to a list of devices where you can select a device, add a new device, delete an existing one, or rearrange devices. WC8RC starts out with a device that uses the default parameters. Touch [Edit] on the Overview section of the main screen to change the parameters to match your device(s).

NOTICE: If you have enabled Web Login, this version of WC8RC sends the username and password in the URL. It will thus be visible to anyone who can sniff your internet connection.

If your device uses a port other than 80 on the Network Setup, remember to include that after the URL (e.g.,

You can give each device, TTL output, TTL input, analog input, temperature input, humidity input, and VAR value a custom name by pressing the [Edit] button at the top of the corresponding section of the main table.

You can set up a device to automatically refresh every so many seconds. When WC8RC receives a refresh from the device, the device name at the top of the main screen will flash briefly.

Because the device can take a while to process remote requests, you should not set the automatic refresh time to less than 5 seconds. Use 0 to disable automatic refresh.

By default, the Off TTL Output buttons and the Off TTL Input LEDs are red, and the On buttons and LEDs are green. You can invert this to suit your preference by touching [Edit] on the Overview section and selecting Invert red & green.

To control a TTL Output, press the On or Off button on the row corresponding to the output that you want to control.

The temperature values will show a yellow background if the sensor reports that it is unbound, a light red background if there is any other problem, and a normal background if the value is valid.

To set a VAR value, touch the VAR value row that you want to change, enter the new value, and press [Set].

Some operations can only be performed from the device's home page via the internet. To go to the selected device's home page, touch the Home Page button near the bottom of the main screen.

You can have the device issue X-10 commmands. Touch the X-10 Command row near the bottom of the main screen, select a House, and select a Unit. The device will prompt you for which X-10 command you want to send to that device. To assign custom names to an X-10 House or Unit, touch the blue and white arrow button next to the item you want to edit.

If you need help programming the PLC, use the PLC Help at the bottom of the main screen to see a quick reminder on the syntax of any PLC command.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, corrections, bug reports, etc., please touch the feedback button at the top right of this Help screen to send me a message.

Thanks for buying Mobrary, the Mobile Library!

Online update page.

Revision History

Mobrary Version 1.3 is approved!! The following changes were made:

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

If you have any suggestions for other features or bug reports, contact me at the address below, and I'll get right on it.

Online Help

The app is pretty straightforward. Here are some pointers.

Book colors:

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REMEMBER: Please verify the text of any rule or provision with an official source before you rely on it in a legal proceeding.

Don't forget: You can tap on the status bar at the very top of the screen to make any scrollable part of the screen jump back to its beginning (e.g., to quickly get to the Search bar within a book).

If you have any suggestions for new or different features, feel free to contact me at this address (or click the Feedback buton below):

Also, if you find any bugs in the program or typographical or other problems in the text of the rules, please contact me at the above email address (before leaving a low feedback would be great!), and I will look into the problem.

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